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源自1991年, Super X透過服飾, 科技, 衛生保健, 傳遞健康和快樂, 無論3至80歲, 不分老幼, 皆能感染這股快樂! 應用生物科技新物料致力於香港設計及製造可重用口罩

– 天然抗菌、除臭 
– 維持呼吸管道溫暖及濕潤 
– 適合濕疹及皮膚敏感使用 
– 穿戴保持全期呼吸暢順 
– 極輕盈及柔軟


Established in 1991, Super X is an interdisciplinary sportwear brand that cultivates the intersection of garment, innovation, healthcare to bring happiness from 3 to 80 years old. Super X design and made reusable Masks with Biotech.

Use of Coolmax® freshFX™  and Poly Mesh for soft touch & lightweight daily mask experience in Summer, suitable for daily use. Adding the insert filter to the mask inner layer for comprehensive protection Insert filter can effectively block particles such as dust, pollen and droplet.

-Natural Anti-bacterial, Odour-resistant
-Keep your throat warm and moisture
-Eczema and sensitive skin-friendly
-High air permeability for better breathability 
-Soft touch & lightweight

Collections & Materials

Sport Series
85% polyester 15% spandex CoolMax fresh FX with Silver agent

City Series
100% polyester breathable print mesh (Dry Fit)

Kids & Toddler Series
100% polyester breathable print mesh (Dry Fit)