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Queen可重用口罩 (QN-M107)


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- 表面加入銀離子技術,具有抗菌功效。
- 內層設有夾心空間,可自行加配專用濾芯片令保護更全面。
- 濾芯片可有效阻隔微塵埃,花粉及飛沬等粒子。
- 每片濾芯片可提供不少於4小時使用壽命

- 結合SILVERPLUS®技術,可防止細菌滋生
- 提供500種款式,由本地手工製作
- 優雅設計和透氣面料,展現內外在美感
- 提供時裝系列和名字縮寫訂做

Use of SILVERPLUS® stop the growth of bacteria.
Adding the insert filter to the mask inner layer for comprehensive protection
Insert filter can effectively block particles such as dust, pollen and droplet.

4 Features
1. Incorporated with SILVERPLUS® technology for prohibiting growth of bacteria
2. Hong Kong craftily handmade with 500 styles
3. Elegant design with breathable fabric, presenting outer and inner beauty at a time
4. Carries Couture line and personalised name initials option

One Size : 14cm Height x 9cm Width
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