SILVERPLUS® Technology from Germany 
- Blocks Oxygen-Transporting Enzymes 
- 控制輸氣
- Inactivates sulphur-containing proteins of the odour-causing bacteria 
- 使含硫蛋白質失去活性
- Locks the cell membrane 
- 鎖住細胞膜
3 Tailor Characteristics
- Special design of nose pads for better face fit
- 加高鼻樑設計, 比普通口罩更貼面
- Non-sticky inner fabric for a perfect makeup at all times
- 口罩內層面料不黏面不焗汗, 炎夏間妝容也能時刻保持
- Soft, lightweight and comfortable ear loop design
- 輕便舒適耳圈設計

4 Features
1. Incorporated with SILVERPLUS® technology for prohibiting growth of bacteria
2. Craftily handmade with 500 styles in Hong Kong
3. Elegant design with breathable fabric, presenting outer and inner beauty at a time
4. Carries couture line and Personalised name initials option